Brama Beijing, luxury condominium complex (Beijing, China)

AdvoService GmbH Berlin, DE, 2014 printing on textile  2×6,4 m and 2×3,2 m

XXL Artphotoworks

My design work focuses on artistic and creative wall design by means of large-format photographic subjects having a space-extending effect. Some series are especially designed to create a tranquilizing, relaxing, revitalising and recreating atmosphere. These series are mainly used in areas such as spa facilities, hotels, waiting rooms, hospitals, and office spaces. The combination of subject and light is particularly effective in such environments. The dedicated works for this purpose are my „goodmoodframes“.

My work offers an easy-to-realize themed wall composition by means of large format photography, graphic design or art. This is an effective way to open and expand the space and achieve an immense improvement of room atmosphere. My designs are very well suited to create relaxation in a spa area or to improve working environments, meeting rooms or in healthcare settings.

For several years I have been working with large-format design and its effect in space. For wall-sized works you need a lot of experience in order to assess the effect of large format. Not every image is suitable. Aesthetic intuition, creativity and developing a special feel for the space are required to develop images suitable for large formats.

Royalty Prices are calculated per square meter usage. I offer special pricing for large projects and multiple uses of the same artwork.

Commission: I’ll be happy to also discuss commissions.

File data & print sizes: I offer data and print-sizes from S to XXXL. Images can be printed in high print quality in the sizes listed here. If lower resolution suffices, even larger dimensions can be printed. Of course, every art file, can also be printed in sizes smaller than S. I provide print-ready data to your printer. Everything else is handled by the print-shop.

S up to 2m in length   / approx.  7 feet
M up to 5m in length   / approx.  16 feet
L up to 7m in length   / approx.  23 feet
XL up to 9m in length  / approx.  30 feet
XXL up to 12m in length  / approx.  39 feet
XXXL up to 16m in length  / approx.  52  feet

I specialize in XXL photo-data, which can be printed up to 16 meters in length (~ 52 feet), covering entire walls. In my portfolio you can choose from a selection of over 1500 designs. In addition, I can provide you many XL photos as the basis for your projects: interior design, high impact trade-show booth, innovative treatment of objects and buildings, for permanent as well as event-based solutions.

My XXL designs are suitable for a variety of commercial and residential uses.

Here are some examples:

  • Room dividers
  • Solutions to manage acoustics in open spaces and on walls
  • Decorative foils for use on windows & doors
  • Photo wallpapers
  • Direct-printing on glass surfaces
  • Imagery behind acrylic glass
  • XXL posters