Rica Belna

born in Austria, has called Berlin, Germany her home since 1993. At a young age she developed an interest in artistic work and photographic media. As technological advances opened up new opportunities in artistic and creative work, DSLR and medium format cameras started to allow immediate checking of aesthetic look and quality of the creation, a crucial aspect in the creation of large-format art. Over time Rica developed special techniques which continue to give her graphic art a unique look and aesthetic. 

Abstract color gradients and expansive motifs are particularly effective in large format visual applications and Rica Belna‘s art has been geared towards large-format since 2008. Some of the art prints to 25m wide (85 feet). These unique, large „worlds of color“ have contrast rich hues flow into each other, reminiscent of a water-filled vessel. Individual lines of color look like chalk or ink applied to a canvas. The artist Rica Belna loves working large. She applies this interest in artistic wall design, where photography as well as graphic art offer a wonderful opportunity to design for large spaces. Rica Belna‘s art visually opens, expands space and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Much of her work has been implemented in renowned hotels, wellness and corporate settings across the globe.