Rica Belna

My work focuses on artistic and creative solutions for wall designs. I create large-format photographic imagery, which achieve a room-enhancing and space-expanding effect. With some series I specifically intend to provide calming, relaxing, invigorating and refreshing environments. These works have been successfully installed in wellness resorts, hotels, medical facilities and hospitals, as well as in offices.

My graphic designs offer a powerful way to enhance large vertical surfaces, without overwhelming the space. Design motifs can be adapted flexibly in color palette, shape, sizing, and cropping to optimally fit the client’s concepts, thus flowing naturally into architectural or interior designs. I provide a wide aesthetic variety, spanning from looks inspired by classic mosaic traditions all the way to very abstract, modern works.


Rica Belna, Austrian, has called Berlin, Germany her home since 1993. At the age of 16 Rica started to work with photography, gaining a first experience with professional cameras through her membership in a photo-club. This initial interest and involvement in photography as a hobby, originally mostly black and white as well as portraits, led to Rica’s full-time artistic work starting in 2004.

In 2006 Rica switched to digital photography, which opened up an entirely new venue of artistic and creative work. She now uses DSLR and medium format cameras. The opportunity to aesthetically affect and control the quality of her work right away is very important to Rica. It provides great possibilities and capabilities in her creation of large format artworks. In addition Rica developed original photo-techniques, which produce the unique style seen in her photo-design works. Latest developments in digital cameras, image editing and printing processes directly support the top quality requirements Rica puts in her art, as well as her preferences for working on large size imagery in her assignments. She says: “My creative potential grows with the possibilities that come my way”. Starting in 2008, Rica has been developing unique photographic designs for large-format printing. These pieces have been up to 25 meters long (approx. 75 feet). Many of these artworks have been installed in 5-star hotels, office buildings as well as wellness-resorts.