Large-format wall art

We offer print-ready digital art files, prepared at the size you specify. These art-files then get printed by your preferred print-vendor, on the substrate you choose. Our art has been executed on paper, canvas, wood, glass, metal.

Art Licensing

We provide art for interior design. We help interior design architects and other professions who source art to enhance their projects in hospitality, offices, healthcare and various business settings, as well as installations in residences.

Get high end wall art

Most of the creations were specifically designed to make large format, up to wall-filling statements. You license the right to digital files of the designs. Art-pieces get printed near you, by your preferred print-vendor, on the material you choose.

Let a small room become a big room by use large-format wall art

Rica Belna creates large-format photographic imagery, which achieves a room-enhancing and space-expanding effect.

Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan

Water is a central element of biophilic design.

With a wide selection of color palettes and varied dynamics, the water photography series offers a symbiosis of familiar nature imagery and a commitment to modernity and abstraction.

Minimal art or worlds of abstract color in large scale

Lines and surfaces build layers and interweave. Contrasting colors flow into each other, like in water. The designer Rica Belna loves large surfaces and spaces, and for many years has been focusing on large-scale wall design. Her designs are very well suited to visually treat large surfaces. Rica Belna’s works open and expand space and achieve an immense improvement of room atmosphere. Abstract color gradations and expansive motifs create new and unique opportunities for bold interior design solutions.

Privat Home  / expanding the space

Rica Belnas design work focuses on artistic and creative wall design by means of large-format photographic subjects having a space-extending effect. Some series are especially designed to create a tranquilizing, relaxing, revitalising and recreating atmosphere. These series are mainly used in areas such as spa facilities, hotels, waiting rooms, hospitals, and office spaces. The combination of subject and light is particularly effective in such environments.

Rica Belnas work offers an easy-to-realize themed wall composition by means of large format photography, graphic design or art. This is an effective way to open and expand the space and achieve an immense improvement of room atmosphere. My designs are very well suited to create relaxation in a spa area or to improve working environments, meeting rooms or in healthcare settings.

Advoservice Berlin


Therme Wien / healing springs / relaxation room

For wall-sized works you need a lot of experience in order to assess the effect of large format. Not every image is suitable. Aesthetic intuition, creativity and developing a special feel for the space are required to develop images suitable for large formats.

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